Tuesday, November 23, 2004



I was going to let this slide, but when my college pal Brian Lehrhoff sent this link to me I learned that not only had someone created a game built around John F. Kennedy's assassination, but the creators were awarding a $100,000 prize to the person who best approximated the shots allegedly fired by Lee Harvey Oswald. In fact, these guys sound like total winners; they contacted Sen. Edward Kennedy to tell him that they meant no disrespect, and they deduct points if, in the game, you accidentally hit Jackie Kennedy.

According to the news story, they're using the game to generate intellectual curiosity among today's youngsters and to prove that Oswald alone killed Kennedy.

Luckily, my computer system won't load anything at their site, but I won't stop you from visiting. Just remember: A tiger did it.

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Jim Chadwick said...

I'm a bit of an obsessive with the Kennedy Assassination and found the concept of this game alternately fascinating and appalling. The thing is, I think the technology is there to make a truly interesting and educational game out of the assassination and the various theories behind it. A 3D walk through Dealy plaza, the school book depository building, and other relevant areas of Dallas would be comparatively easy with today's gaming technology. You could also run the scenario with Oswald as the lone nut, or show a different scenario involving co-conspirators, including the fifty or so people allegedly behind the fence on the grassy knoll. I would buy such a "game" in a heartbeat. But the part where they crossed the line and revealed themselves as the crass scum that they are was in adding the whole "you get to be the shooter and we let you compete for the best score" aspect of the thing. It's obvious that this is the angle they think they need to have to sell the game, not the alleged educational aspect of the thing. As such, I won't touch it. Well, that and the fact that I can't run PC games. I guess I better not share with you my concept for a Dealey Plaza playset.