Monday, November 08, 2004



Okay, I've been of the prejudiced belief that Jeb Bush hacked Florida, but up until today I just figured I was being mean-spirited and anti-Dumbya.

Then I visited Michael Moore's website, where he not only posted a link I had emailed him (I and probably hundreds; I have no special relationship with the man), but where was posted this one, which details how Florida may have been hacked not only in this election, but in the 2002 Democratic primary.

President Dumbya of the "towel-snapping" ilk that seems to favor the GOP would certainly have wanted to sew up Florida after the 2000 debacle. Ditto Ohio and its 20 electoral votes. But, of course, he's probably well-insulated (think Ronald Reagan and Ollie North; Henry II and Thomas à Becket) and has no knowledge of what Karl Rove's gang of merry pranksters may have done.

But let me say this: If electoral fraud was committed in this election, it should not be treated as a misdemeanor. It should be viewed as treason, and punished accordingly. Bad enough the GOP attempted a coup in 1998; odds are at least fair that there was a coup in 1963; Lincoln's assassination was also a coup attempt. (You don't usually get taught that in school.) But any kind of subterfuge that is intended to trounce the will of the people -- especially in time of war -- cannot be treated mildly.

Am I a sore loser? Maybe? Am I a frightened loser? Absolutely.

For a less digital conspiracy, check out what the pagans think.

For an entrepreneurial way of showing your belief that the election was hacked and that Kerry/Edwards did (or should have prevailed), go here.

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