Friday, November 12, 2004



Okay, I've been whining long enough, so let's look at some of the other things that interest me and might interest you.


First off, this week PBS aired an episode of Frontline entitled, "The Persuaders." The episode, written and narrated by Douglas Rushkoff, claims to expose all of the amazing tricks that marketers use to co-opt your brains and force you to consume. While he introduces some interesting people (most interesting, Clotaire Rapaille, who finds subconscious, prehistoric connections to words and concepts that help communicate; most frightening, Frank Luntz, a Republican strategist who uses words to oversimplify, obfuscate, and frighten Americans... he's the guy who came up with the phrase "death tax"), for the most part, most consumers know these things. Advertising does not force anybody to do anything. It merely tells us which of our many weaknesses are available where.

Second, my weekly copy of Creativity's Print Critic (subscribe here) arrived, and I loved the new advertising from Glenfiddich. (No, not my former brand; that's wonderful single malt Scotch whisky too, but that's The Glenlivet.) I believe the word the Brits use that would be most appropriate is "cheeky." It's sort of a retro 1960s look with a "Man Show" sensibility. I see Robert Morse, I see Michael Caine in "Alfie" (coincidence? -- what with the Jude Law remake on screens currently?), I see that whole brown-liquor-and-Waterford-crystal-and-angular-furniture gestalt. I love it. The Brock Savage character they've invented is kind of like Dean Martin crossed with Mr. Steed. In addition to the print ads to which my link directs you (click on one and all three will rotate), there's a complete website. Go to it, and sink those trendy martinis.

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