Thursday, November 04, 2004



Today's newspapers and Internet news sources are full of how George W. Bush will use his "victory" as a mandate for his policies of religious warfare and social intolerance.

Thus, it was ironic that on the front page of Yahoo! just now, I saw these stories in order, just as if they were placed this way on purpose, in the same manner as used by multiplex movie theaters:

• W. House claims mandate for Bush agenda
• U.S. jets target insurgents in Fallujah
• Group says U.S. bungled Saddam evidence
• U.K. says U.S. attack on Iran 'inconceivable'
• Jobless claims dip, productivity slows

So, in the read-between-the-lines world:

W. House claims mandate for Bush agenda. That is, because our country has moved to this twisted parliamentary form of government, in which the House and the Senate basically are not a check on the executive branch, but do its bidding, if George W. Bush wakes up and thinks every American ought to be required to eat 'Smores Pop Tarts for breakfast, it'll be law by Friday.

U.S. jets target insurgents in Fallujah. And if you live in a foreign country, you'll enjoy those Pop Tarts or else!

Group says U.S. bungled Saddam evidence. Said group will soon find that the IRS is challenging its 501(c)(3) status. And when the draft is reinstated, its children will be the first on the ground in Fallujah.

U.K. says U.S. attack on Iran 'inconceivable'. Which means "right after Fallujah." (Can you picture Wallace Shawn reading this on CNN?)

Jobless claims dip, productivity slows. The jobs are all overseas, so there's no sense looking for work, and, if you have a job, there's no sense working hard, because your job will be in Malaysia or Singapore by the time we launch our 'inconceivable' attack on Iran.

And, while the major news media are not following up on the probable fraud that was perpetrated in Florida, where election machines were installed giving no way of doublechecking the validity of counts by a company whose CEO said he would provide George W. Bush with "the votes he needs," (put Florida in the Kerry column and it's 269-262 for Kerry and we're waiting on Iowa) we're stuck with this administration apparently voted in by lemmings produced by two generations of television and bad educational systems. (More on the latter later.)

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Eugene Axe said...

Jobless claims dip. DIP. You see, that means they are going down.

This is a good thing.

Just thought I'd clear that up for you...