Friday, November 19, 2004



Here is popular culture that reminds me of my childhood: The Krelboynes from Malcolm in the Middle; Real Genius, about the nerdy kid in college.

And, oh yeah, I started a comic book fan club.

That club, The Legion Fan Club, grew to generate some relatively well-liked highlights of comics fandom, including the Interlac amateur press alliance (or apa) and The Legion Outpost, a fanzine in which we weirdos talked about the internal organs and political reality of a group of super-hero kids from the future.

A while back, a kid named Glen Cadigan approached my crony Harry Broertjes and me asking permission to reprint the best of the stuff we published. A few hundred bucks later (funds not yet paid; what to do with the funds upon delivery not as yet determined), TwoMorrows Publishing will next week ship The Best of The Legion Outpost to smarter comic shops across North America.

If you want to see what the book will be about, here's the TwoMorrows description. Here's an article on the Silver Bullet Comics website, and, amazingly, here's a blog by someone I don't know who is actually looking forward to it.

My biggest disappointment is that Cadigan didn't use any of the Outpost's art, just its articles. (I can understand why it didn't use its fiction — plenty of it was good, but DC Comics had to approve, and DC isn't one for propagating fan fiction.)

Remember, if you look at it, let me know what you think.

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