Friday, January 28, 2005



Dick Cheney apparently doesn't know how to dress like an adult, and it's offended quite a few national leaders, and probably more folks by this time tomorrow.

Cheney attended the somber Auschwitz memorial ceremonies today wearing a fur-trimmed parka with his name on it and the legend "Staff 2001." European leaders, most of whom come from countries where you need a coat and tie to go to a restaurant (how many Outback Steakhouses are in Europe?), were appalled.

Cheney might have a medical explanation. After all, his entire vice-presidency has been overshadowed by his heart health. Most people would have bet on Johnny Carson to outlive Cheney. Heck, in 2000 they would have bet on Strom Thurmond to outlive Cheney.

The criticism is that, even though we know he has a nice dark overcoat (last worn in public on January 20 for the inauguration), he chose to wear ski-jet attire to a ceremony reminding the world of an evil greater than the one currently confronting us. Maybe it's part of the current Administration's effort to make Saddam Hussein look Truly Evil, instead of one of dozens of international dirtbags (all of whom should be out of power).

I hope he at least showered.

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Jim Chadwick said...

There are so many ways to find Cheney's behavior at the very least inappropriate. And so many bad jokes I could make too. Instead, I'll sound like a broken record and ask all Bush-Cheney, conservative (neo or otherwise) supporters my usual question: WIIWC? (What If It was Clinton?) I could see Rush Limbaugh getting apoplectic with rage. I could see Ann Coulter choking on her own bile. (Oh, how I would love to see Ann Coulter choking on her own bile.) With Clinton, it would just be another excuse to go ballistic. With Cheney, they probably genuinely don't care because, after all, it was just Hitler. Not some real villain like Saadam or Kofi Annan or some French guy or something.