Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Solution to the World's Food Problems?

Saw this post from the New York Times about a fruit called synsepalum dulcificum (or "miracle berry" more simply) that makes sour foods taste sweet, and makes other foods taste wholly differently as well.

I guess the main problem right now is that the fruit costs $2 each, but if it can take unpleasant flavors and make them tolerable, perhaps it's a way to stretch the world's food supply. For instance, I will not, will not, eat liver (or most organ meats), though it's possible that liver that tastes like -- oh, maple syrup -- would be less of a problem for me. One wonders what other foods not enjoyed by westerners, but eaten in other cultures -- insects, bird fetuses, and the like -- might not be made more tolerable by the addition of this fruit (or its artificially reproduced chemical component).

It might also wind up being a good thing for picky children to be given, at least surreptitiously. If peas tasted like Pez, would they no longer be fed to the dog?

Already I can see the drug user's mind wandering. What would this stuff be like with a hallucinogen? I'm sure some sexual experimentation is going on with it, too.

Of course, right now it's all conjecture for me, since I haven't tried it. But I do believe I'd like to find it, and, when I do, there will be a test at the Flynn household.

Wonder if PCC will stock it? (I did find this site offering places to buy, but unlike Alton Brown, I do not just rush out and buy things on the Internet if I don't know the companies involved.)

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