Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mostly, It's An Excuse to Show Halle Berry in a Bra

Since the spouse's latest novel, Introducing Sonika, is about super-heroes, one of her writer pals, Judith Laik, forwarded this link judging super-hero costumes in the movies.

Granted, I'm biased because I like the spouse's novel (screenplay available for option, by the way) and especially the little tattoo she's got under her skintight suit, but it's true that one of the things that movies have often gotten wrong is the super-suit. Part of the problem is that many original super-suits aren't practical. One of our Legion fan friends, Paul Decker, once said of a fan-submitted costume design that the heroine wearing a necklace with a large stone would find herself getting smacked in the face with it a lot. (Actually, Paul said she'd get "knocked up a lot," but then Paul was also wont to break into Ethel Merman versions of Beach Boys tunes at the time.)

I'm a big fan of super-heroes who are the type that would be the hero of an Alfred Hitchcock film -- ordinary person thrust into extraordinary circumstances. This means that, while I grew up in the DC universe, where Superman is basically a god sent by his father sent to live among humans and many of the other characters are destined for their heroism (Hal Jordan's Green Lantern, Wonder Woman; even Batman is a prince of wealth), it's Stan Lee's take on super-heroes that appeals to me: a high school nerd is bitten by a radioactive spider and has to balance super-heroism with passing social studies and earning a few bucks to help support ailing Aunt May.

I then think what I'd do if I suddenly had some sort of amazing ability (other than the stupid human trick powers I have, like turning my eyelids inside out). First of all, would I even turn to fighting crime? Actually, Peter Parker didn't originally, either; his suit was meant for wear in a wrestling ring. I'd probably just travel about in a sweatsuit. Or, if I looked like Sonika , something skintight. (Of course, if I looked like Sonika, I don't think I'd be married to her creator.) Something Lance Armstrong might wear, I guess.

Actually, maybe a baseball uniform. Stretchy, not too garish.

I haven't done the research, but it looks like Will Smith's upcoming super-hero film, Hancock, is about a super-hero with no costume. If that's the case, that just seems most reasonable to me.

But then again, it'll never compare to Halle Berry in a bra.

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