Wednesday, December 07, 2005



A link from the website for the upcoming New York Comic-Con advertises that those Queer Eye for the Straight Guy guys are looking for candidates to make over at the New York Comic-Con.

Quick observations:

1) I didn't even know there was a New York comic convention again. I hope Phil Seuling is happy in heaven.

2) I wonder whether there are enough fans to meet their criteria: 25-40 and straight. Heck, when Interlac started, I thought everyone was straight. Hoo boy, was I wrong!

3) One of the sub-categories the Queer Eye guys are seeking is a fan about to have a baby -- only he has too many comics and such. Like any self-respecting fan will choose a baby over a vg/mint copy of Green Lantern #76.

But don't let me stop you. Go ahead and volunteer, or nominate someone -- all they have to do is be a comic geek in the New York metropolitan area.

Thank goodness I'm now in Seattle...


frankpoor said...

Why discriminate? Most gay comic fans could probably use a makeover. And I swear, I had nothing to do with that spelling. That said, I'd nominate Ken Gale. A makeover would probably help him get that TV show he's been working on or a least a new radio show. And I'd kill to see the look on the decor guy when he walks up five flights and sees what he has to work with. He'd probably just take a deep breath and jump out the window. My girlfriend just had our baby 6 months ago, but 95% of my collection lives at my apartment. The baby lives with her. We named him Edmund after the guy who wrote the early LSH stories (I know, we misspelled it), but I usually call him Eddie; because of my dedication to a certain Seattle resident.

Jim Chadwick said...

I was very amused by the "Queer Eye" story until I read the number of qualifiers they had for potential makeover candidates. Frank's idea for Ken Gale is a funny one. But pooor Ken wouldn't even qualify because he's over 40. And I know so many comics fans in that age bracket who I would pay money to see on that show. But "Queer Eye" seems to be only interested in an easy, "diamond in the rough," some good looking young lug who happens to be cluesless about fashion but will look hot when they are finished with him. Apparently even a gay friendly show isn't immunce to other prejuidices of the day, particularly ageism. (Although I think I did see them do a show with an over 50 guy once.)

And if that is Frank Mancuso, what's with the "Frank Poor" name?

Anonymous said...

The problem would be if Ken *won* the footage could be seen by a fire marshall.

I don't know how diligent NYFD is, but I remember when fan Arnie Starkey was suddenly forced to sell his collection or move.