Tuesday, October 11, 2005



When I logged onto AOL this afternoon, I was given the tempting choice to give Martha Stewart my advice. Sadly, "retire" wasn't one of the options.

But goodness, the full-court publicity press is on, isn't it? I swear she's on the Today show every morning, now AOL (which has no connection to Martha that I'm aware of), and heck, now even me.

I never liked the woman (although it's clear that somebody had it in for her in a disproportionately mean manner since her crime was the equivalent of ignoring the only parking ticket you've ever gotten), but really, please, can we move on to something more interesting.

Wait... let's give Harriet Miers a home economics TV show, and put Martha Stewart on the Supreme Court. What the hell. I mean, it's not like anybody really cares about either job.

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