Thursday, March 07, 2002


When I was young, I read comic books. They were an important part of my life. One day I might even go into some detail about how my moral code came more from Mort Weisinger's vision for Superman than the Catholic church.


What was frustrating to me as a youngster was how most adults -- and even older kids — seemed to not be interested in what I found fascinating.

And now, today -- well, comic book super-heroes are all over the world. Just a random sampling of what's available now and soon:

- SPIDER-MAN, which opens in May. Marvel stock has doubled since January and increased 500% since 2001's low.

- THE HULK is due in 2003, directed by Ang Lee

- SUPERMAN 5 is in development, to be directed by very-hot (thanks to BATMAN 5 is in the works

- The WB is developing a television pilot called BIRDS OF PREY, featuring DC Comics characters Black Canary and The Huntress

- Upcoming parody THE HEBREW HAMMER features Adam Goldberg as an Orthodox Jew

- Kevin Smith, who has worked in both comics and films (can any comic fan not appreciate MALLRATS?) has been writing for both DC and Marvel Comics

- Sean Connnery is set to appear in the 20th Century Fox version of Alan Moore's LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN

- Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are lined up to appear in an adaptation of DAREDEVIL

And there's more every time I turn around. Comics are where the cost of imagination is unlimited. It costs just as much to make a blow-everything-up-heavy-on-the-cool-graphics comic book as it does a talking head comic book. As opposed to the cost of your typical Arnold Schwarzenegger flick versus your average Sundance entry.

Like most things, it's probably a trend, but it'll keep me looking at flicks and the tube for a little while longer.

Vote here for your favorite comic adaptation — past, present, or future.

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