Monday, December 06, 2004



Say what you want about what John F. Kerry and George W. Bush did during the Vietnam War (and, believe me, if forced, I'd have done what Bush did, and not Kerry), but the fact remains that Kerry was in a war zone and Bush was not.

Think back to 2000, when Bush's opponent Albert W. Gore, Jr. had also been in Vietnam (albeit working as a military newspaper reporter). Throughout that campaign my internal soundtrack was the great Creedence Clearwater Revival song, "Fortunate Son," which refers to the special treatment that it was presumed a senator's son would get. Perhaps, but Al Gore, Sr. was serving in the Senate while Al Gore, Jr. was wandering through the jungle in a war zone.

All of which brings me to this story, which reports on the handful of elected American officials who have offspring in Iraq or Afghanistan. Some are Republicans, some are Democrats, but I would listen to any of them first when it comes to our policy in Iraq. I'd feel a lot better about George W. Bush's policy if his daughters were attacking Fallujah instead of the nearest fraternity toga party.

Listen to these guys:

Rep. Joe Wilson, R-SC
Sen. Tim Johnson, D-SD
Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-CA
Rep. Todd Akin, MO
Rep. John Kline, MN
Rep. Jim Saxton, NJ

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